Manufactures & Suppliers of Networking, Computer & Electronic Cabinets, Components & Equipment.



Cherry is a global leader in the design, development, and manufacture of
automotive switches & modules, computer keyboards, switches and controls.



EAO manufactures a full range of expertly designed high-reliability products for Human Machine Interfaces, from membrane switches, industrial pushbuttons and keyboards to custom-built switch panels.



Elma Electronic is a global manufacturer of products for housing electronic systems. The company provides everything from components such as modular enclosures, cabinets and backplanes up to complete standard or custom system platforms. Elma also manufactures precision rotary switches.



ebmpapst pioneered the development of the external rotor motor, DC fans with integrated electronic commutation, and variable speed fans with built-in intelligence.



++ air conditioners ++ heat exchangers ++ 19"-systems++ EMC-filter fans ++ accessories









Sense is a brazilian company in the industrial automation market, supplying products and technology services.
Among the products offered by sense, we point out its leadership in the market of inductive, capacitive photoeletrics and ultrasound sensors as well as their accessories: cabes, conectores, supports and power supplynnits with or without eletronic control.










To make a leading contribution to the industry worldwide through development, production and sales of electro-mechanical components in electronic and electrical applications.
To be one of the world’s leaders in “circuit protection”, “IEC connectors”, “input systems” and “circuit breakers for equipment"

Schurter considers service performance to be one of its core competencies. A vast network of industrial agencies and distributors in virtually every corner of the globe ensures a complete market presence and continuous, open dialogue with customers.


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